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Anger as a motivator

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Kenn Dumanig, Mindset

Anger is a good source of motivation if you know how to redirect it to

something productive. Anger is an energy, and sometimes this kind of energy

Works for me are sources that help me become more productive and when I’m stuck on something I can easily make solution. There’s a lot of successful people that use anger as motivation for them  do something great. Martin Luther He said when I am angry I can write, pray, and preach well. Because of 56 angry patriots the \United States was born and they sign the declaration of Independence because Sputnik made them number two in the space.

They put man on the moon.

It is good to get angry as long as you use it into something that can benefit




Why people are afraid of taking risk of  fighting for their dreams?  Even they know that  the result that they want  can be achieved by taking some risk .  Some of us are afraid to fail, that’s why they don’t even tryto do the things that they want to do.  Or some of us are afraid of what might other people will say  and this is one  of my problems  before.  I’m so much attached with what might other  will say of me.  But if you really think about it,  why are you afraid of what other people will say about you?  In fact, this is your life and you only live this life once.  Then why not start living your  life.   Every time  I encounter this feeling I always asked my self  where am  I committed to?  To my dreams or to the opinions of other people..?  In fact opinions are cheap and my goals are not, so why should I let myself be stopped by cheap opinions of other people instead of focusing in my goals and dreams.

Is failure really a failure?  Well for me there’s no such thing as failure .  If you fail at least you can do better next time and  become  wiser  enough. To me failure is when  you dare not  try and  you never learn from your mistakes if ever  there will be.  Mistakes are  GOOD when you learn from them.   Every risk you take is a success regardless of the result, it’s a win win situation…so,  If you know that you gonna win why are you afraid to take risk.  By not trying and not taking risk, is already the big risk you ever  did in your life.  So Take action now and fight  for  your goals and plans…


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Learn from the Master

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Kenn Dumanig, Mindset

“A single Conversation Across the Table with a Wise man

It’s Worth a Month Study of  Books”

Every entrepreneur should have a Mentor , You have to find someone who can help you show the way someone who’s been down that road before and can share their wisdom.

A mentor is someone with more experience than you. Why we need a mentor? A mentor is your guide and can teach you the discipline you need to be successful in business and he can help shorten your learning curve. Our mentor can teach us patience when we face difficulty along the way while learning the discipline on how to be successful in business, and the safest and fastest way to do this is to apprentice with someone else.

You can find a mentor anywhere, there’s a lot of books out there about personal development, audio, video and trainings of successful people.Invest in reading good books and attending personal development trainings. One of my friends and who once my mentor said, be like a sponge and absorb everything the mindset, skills and wisdom of every successful person.

You can treat your mind like a garden you can plant every good thoughts in your mind and wait until they grow in your brain…If you want to be successful in business you have to surround yourself with people who are successful in business… Very few people achieve great success without a mentor. Find a team that will support you achieving your dreams people who will encourage you to fulfill your mission in life. Hang out with positive people and learn from each other. Expand your social network.

One of your mentors maybe is your personal experiences as you can even turn your failure as a mentor, in school if we commit mistake our teacher mark it as a failing grade but in reality or in  life its ok to make mistakes. One of the authors said if you want to be successful faster, double your failing rate and learn from them…successful people has many mistakes compared to unsuccessful people. Don’t be afraid to make mistake!

As long as you will become open and willing to learn, mentors will show up in your life. Most of the successful mentors will not ask you for payment, They like to teach and train other people as long as you are willing.  Sometimes they do it because they want to learn more. Develop a good relationship with your mentor. And as the relationship develops over time, that trust can grow even stronger. Also, your time with them becomes more and more efficient as they become more and more familiar with you and your business…