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Phillip Chueng is  one of my mentors and he used to be in fashion business in Canada before he join to the company. And he share he’s success secret on how to can achieve  time and money freedom in one of our trainings.

The 3 elements to be type 5

Type 5 person are those people who workhard for freedom. Freedom means having a time and money to spend where ever they want to spend it. Not only that, they achive this kind of life at the early age. My mentor said there are 3 elements inorder to get this kind of life.

1.First element– Choose to be successful. You have to embrace that this kind of life is possible for you.And you are willing to pursue it no matter what happen because you believe you deserve to be successful.

2.second element- Choose the right vehicle.Look for an opportunity that can give you freedom and can take you there faster.Because success is a distination and in order to get there you need a right vehicle to get there faster.

3.Third element-You need to be a good driver.which means you have to be a leader. Your vehicle is useless if you don’t know how to drive. Being a good driver means you need to develop leadership skills.

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